Why Montessori?

Which preschool is right for my child? Parents today are overwhelmed with so many choices and philosophies that this question becomes increasingly pivotal in making a decision. What makes a traditional Montessori classroom different? Why is Montessori right for my child?

Prepared Environment

The Montessori classroom is meticulously arranged with the child as the focus. It is a beautiful environment with natural materials. The furniture is the appropriate size for the children. The classroom is prepared with a sequence of learning to guide the child toward independent thinking and self-discipline. Montessori classrooms are peaceful, warm and inviting.

Purposeful Work

The child works for a sense of discovery. The child works, not as an adult to complete a job, but for the joy of the activity itself. This allows the child to accomplish the most important goal, development of self. The Montessori classroom respects the child’s desire for discovery. This allows each child the time to explore and work with materials, without interference, for as long as they choose, leading to deeper concentration. Materials are self-correcting, allowing the child to learn through their own observation.

Inner Peace

One thing that strikes most parents visiting a Montessori classroom is the quiet, peaceful environment. Children are moving freely throughout the classroom, engaged in various activities, working individually or in small groups. Our culture today is full of interruptions from technology but the classroom offers a place for the child to step away from the distraction, learning to listen to their intrinsic voice. The child can follow their own desires and interests.


The primary classroom consists of children 2 ½ through 6 years of age. The youngest children grow and learn through observing their older classmates. The oldest students in the classroom feel a wonderful sense of ownership for maintaining balance and providing guidance to their younger peers. This provides students of mixed ages and abilities the chance to work together and learn from each other, offering children the ability to learn acceptance and build a sense of community.

Why Montessori

The Montessori classroom is where a child discovers who they are, as an individual as well as part of a community. They are strong in academics and carry the concepts they learn with them for the rest of their lives. The best part of being in a Montessori community is children are working together to help become the best version of themselves. The strength they draw from a loving and peaceful environment, filled with friends who love and respect each other is a gift beyond measure.

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