Elementary Program

At Phoenix we are pleased to continue Maria Montessori’s vision into the early elementary years. The elementary education builds on the foundation established in the primary program.

Elementary age children are growing in their social skills, imaginations and ability to work with more abstract concepts. The elementary program at Phoenix encompasses:


Study of the English language including vocabulary, spelling and punctuation, linguistics, parts of speech and sentence structure. A primary focus on writing and research skills.


Principles of arithmetic, fundamentals of algebra, geometry, logic and statistics. Working in the concrete and moving to the abstract continues to be a vital learning tool for elementary children. Enabling the student to develop an inner picture that will last a lifetime.

History, Geography & Cultural Studies

Study of our roots in history creating an understanding between the distant past to who we are today. Geography is expanded from the primary education to include physical geography. Understanding the formation of the Earth, to include the oceans, atmosphere, rivers, lakes, deserts, mountain ranges and natural resources. Cultural studies continue with art, music, dance, cooking classes, yoga and a weekly Spanish class.


Study of the Earth’s geological history, the solar system, zoology, exploring the elements and biology.