“Sending our daughter to The Phoenix Montessori School has been one of the best decisions we ever made as parents . In the last two years our daughter has blossomed socially, academically and personally. Our “shy” child has turned into quite the extrovert, she is reading beautifully and loves math. But most importantly she is full of confidence and loves going to school.

I think one of the secrets to The Phoenix Montessori School’s success is the unique way the staff interacts with the children. Each child’s ideas and observations are given careful and thoughtful consideration. And that respect is reflected back in the students behavior toward the teachers and each other. The classroom is never rowdy and chaotic. When you walk in the students are very busy on individual or group learning projects. It may not always be quiet but it is always peaceful and conducive to learning. The students take their “jobs” and themselves very seriously. That is not to say they do not have fun and lots of laughs.

The Phoenix Montessori School creates confident, joyful learners. We could not be happier with our choice!”

K. Humphreys

“The Phoenix Montessori School is unlike any preschool I have ever visited. It is small, clean and cheerful, filled with very happy and content children – all of whom are actively engaged in learning. The toys and activities are all designed to teach children reading, math, science, etc. in a creative, playful environment. My son is only 4 and already he can read, do simple math (if decimal skills can be considered simple!), and explain the differences between works of art by Matisse and Picasso. In addition to academics, Phoenix Montessori fosters the growth of wonderful friendships – both among students and parents. My son loves to go to school and has made great friends (as have I). His progress in just two years has been extraordinary and when I send my second child to preschool in the fall, it will absolutely be to Phoenix Montessori.”

N. LaSala

“Superior education. I can’t say enough about this family-focused, authentic Montessori school. As a stay-at-home mom, I wasn’t looking for daycare, but a pre-elementary education. After extensive research, I was lucky to find Mrs. Blackford. She is one of a kind, with unparalleled caring and devotion to her students and families. After all her years of teaching, she still gets excited at every little discovery. The children work at their own pace and are highly motivated. When you walk in the door, you’ll find calm, happy, busy children of various ages working along side one another. My first child graduated at five years, reading and comprehending at an upper elementary level, mastering multiplication/division, and skipped a grade. My second child is wrapping up her kindergarten year and we’ll be heartbroken to leave.”

K. Woods

“With our older daughter, before we knew about Phoenix Montessori, we sent her to another preschool which seemed good at the time. However, we shopped around more for our younger daughter who we adopted from Guatemala at age 3 1/2 years. She knew not any English. We were told by others that it was too soon to place her in preschool; however, Ms. Blackford and her staff accepted her with open arms. She assimilated to her new life much quicker than anyone anticipated thanks to Phoenix. She quickly learned English and excelled in her other subjects despite spending much of her first years of life on the streets of Guatemala City. In retrospect, we wished we had sent our first daughter there. Our adopted daughter was easily ready for grade school academically and socially after her preschool experience. We HIGHLY recommend Phoenix.”

M. Stiles

“We were very fortunate to have both our daughters attend Phoenix Montessori. The girls are in fifth and second grade now and their tremendous experience at Phoenix has continued to enhance their education. The calm and pleasant atmosphere is remarkable. The Montessori instructional methods and personnel led to unbelievable results in both knowledge and learning skills. I can’t imagine them being more prepared for elementary school. I would recommend it to my best friends … in fact, I have, and several have sent two and three children there to similar satisfaction levels. There is not enough I can say about our positive experience.”

M. Laub

“We sent both of our children to Phoenix Montessori for preschool and kindergarten and we could not be happier with that decision! When it was time to get our oldest into preschool, I visited several schools, but as soon as I met Mrs. Blackford and actually saw the classroom “in action”, I knew this was the school we would send our children to. Mrs. Blackford is an outstanding teacher and directress. Every day, with every decision made, it is obvious that she truly cares about Phoenix Montessori and providing the students with the best education possible. Both of our children are excellent readers, and were already reading chapter books in kindergarten! Our son is now in 3rd grade and our daughter is in 1st grade. Both of them are excellent students and participate in an extra program called Junior Great Books. I believe Mrs. Blackford and Phoenix Montessori provided them with the strong academic foundation that allows them to continue to excel.”

N. Lindenberg

“Not-for-Profit school provides the highest level of true Montessori education with a personal touch and family atmosphere. The directress has been teaching for over 32 years, AMI certification. Next year, we’ll send our fifth child, happily driving 25 minutes to get there. I’ve never seen a teacher more dedicated, caring and excited, or with more experience or know how. Balanced classroom. Happy and disciplined children. This coming from a choosy, organic mother and teacher.”

R. Kerwin